Inclusive Teaching & Learning

Staff and students in group crit
Image courtesy of UAL

Our students and staff have a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and identities that contribute to an enriched and enriching learning and teaching environment.

Traditionally, universities have predominantly served the needs, values and aspirations of a much narrower community. A breadth of perspectives and voices are vital to fostering our creative enterprises. An inclusive learning environment respects, values and engages with all that our students and staff bring to the University. 

There are a number of ways we can support inclusive teaching and learning in our practice at UAL, by: 

  • practising student centred pedagogy 
  • valuing intersectional communities within all aspects of teaching practice 
  • creating critical spaces to enhance diverse reflective practices in teaching and research. 

We support staff across the University to develop inclusive practices in relation to UAL’s key strategic priorities, which include addressing the attainment gap for specific student groups.