Digital Learning Workshops

Students brainstorming with pen and paper
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We run workshops to help you get started with UAL’s core Digital Learning Platforms. These online sessions are for UAL staff and are free to attend.

Our online workshops are scheduled regularly each term. They will introduce you to our core platforms (Moodle, MyBlogs and Workflow) and explore how you might use them in your teaching.


Our online sessions are delivered using Blackboard Collaborate. This is a virtual classroom where the tutor will lead a presentation, engage you in online discussion, answer questions and support you through a number of short exercises to help familiarize yourself with the core features of each platform.

What will I need to join?

To take part you will need a computer that is connected to the internet. You will find it easier if you have a good amount of screen space, so a large tablet with a keyboard or computer (Mac or PC) is preferable to a smaller mobile device.

We recommend finding a quiet space, but if you are in a shared environment then you will need headphones. A microphone isn’t necessary.

Full instructions about how to log on will be sent to you prior to your session. The session will always start with a short introduction to the virtual classroom so that you feel comfortable and confident with the online space.

How is the training structured?

The tutor will lead you on an exploratory tour of the Digital platform showing examples of how it is being used at UAL to support student learning. You will be able to raise questions and discuss ideas with the tutor and other participants using a ‘chat’ area.

You will also get the opportunity to get some hands-on experience by working through some short exercises aimed at familiarizing you with how to use the main features of the platform.

The tutor will remain online to help you complete the exercises and answer questions you may have.

How do I book onto an online session?

Check the events and workshops section below to find out more information about each session and to book onto our regular scheduled workshops.

Other Bespoke Training

Sometimes we also offer bespoke staff training, covering topics such as:

  • Introduction to Assessment Feedback
  • Introduction to Turnitin
  • Introduction to Moodle Assignment
  • Introduction to Workflow Submission
  • Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA
  • Customising Moodle  
  • Moodle Groups          
  • Workflow Groups

To request help or advice on any of these, please fill out the online form.

If you are looking for digital learning training, mentoring or advice which is not listed above please email us to explore this further