UAL Teaching, Learning & Enhancement Research Fund

Staff and student in conversation
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This fund supports colleagues to engage with pedagogic research that contributes to new knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning.

The call for applications is now closed. The next round of applications will open in Autumn 2016. 

The fund, which encourages staff to explore and theorize teaching practice within their disciplinary contexts, has been developed in line with UAL’s Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Strategy, which includes scholarship as a core value.

Innovative pedagogic scholarship offers the institution a means to reflect on the student experience and to address areas where improvements are required or where the nature of best practice needs to be more fully understood and shared. It provides a means whereby our learning about pedagogy can go beyond so called ‘common sense’ and anecdote.
Pedagogic Research and Enquiry at UAL

The fund provides opportunities for academic and support staff at all levels to develop their research and explore distinctive aspects of creative practice pedagogy. Awards are for either £3000 or £5000.

Applicants must be Fellows of the Higher Education Academy when they apply.

Strand 1: Pedagogic Research

This strand provides the opportunity to explore and document significant aspects of disciplinary pedagogy and/or new approaches to teaching and learning. Funding will supports in-depth investigation of teaching and learning to ensure that how we teach is informed by evidence. Outcomes are expected to contribute to our understanding of teaching and learning within the disciplines, and contribute to sector wider debates.

Funding of up to £5000 will be awarded to proposals that meet the funding criteria to the highest level.

Strand 2: Curriculum Enquiry 

This strand supports colleagues to engage in practitioner led research such as action research and creative practice enquiry. Applicants will investigate specific aspects of their teaching/support practice which can contribute to new understandings of teaching and learning and will be of interest to others.

Funding of up to £3000 will be awarded to proposals that meet the funding criteria to the highest level.

How to apply

Download the Pedagogic Research Fund application form, and return it to: by midday 25th April 2016.

The funding application for both strands requires you to:

  1. Formulate a research question/define an area for investigation
  2. Situate the proposed research within the available literature
  3. Discuss methodology
  4. Define the intended outcomes and outputs
  5. Outline plans for dissemination
  6. Consider potential impact to our students, institution and sector
  7. Provide a project timeline and budget.

In recognition of the diverse areas of professional practice at UAL, applicants can opt to present their proposal in any of the following formats:

  1. Written research proposal – using application form
  2. Narrated video – no longer than 10 minutes
  3. Presentation to the panel

If you intend to submit your application in a format other than a written research proposal, then please agree this with the scheme coordinator, Antony Johnston ( by 8 April.

Submissions will be judged against the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrates awareness of and builds on current literature in academic practice and/or disciplinary pedagogy to situate the research question
  2. Draws upon an appropriate and achievable methodology within the context of the research
  3. Includes a rigorous, realistic and feasible piece of research in its scope, ambition, costs and time-scale.
  4. The project is likely to develop new knowledge and understanding
  5. The research will be of benefit to the applicant, students and the discipline
  6. The application includes a clear plan for public dissemination.
  7. The application identifies how the planned research outcome relates to strategic priorities of the University.