Supplier Information

Accounts Payable – new procedural arrangements

From the 1 August 2013, the University of the Arts London will transfer financial processing to Agresso Business World, our new finance and accounting system.

With the implementation of our new system, Purchase Ledger will be centralised and from that time, all supplier documents should be sent to the Central Finance address and invoices should show additional information to identify the origin of any invoice.

As a consequence of the transition to our new system, we have reviewed central Finance Accounts Payable processes and this has resulted in changes, set out as below.

1.   Account and document management:

1.1.  The University’s Accounts Payable team in Central Finance will be responsible for processing all invoices and credit notes.

1.2.  Suppliers are required to ensure all original invoices are emailed and/or posted to the University’s Accounts Payable Team only and not to individual colleges or departments.

1.2.1.  Postal Address: 

The University of the Arts London
Central Finance Accounts Payable
5th Floor The Granary Building
1 Granary Square
King’s Cross
London N1C 4AA
United Kingdom

1.2.2.     Email Address:

1.3.    If you have any enquiry, the university purchase ledger team contact details listed below should be employed to direct your enquiry in the first instance:

1.3.1.     General enquiry          

Supplier name within alphabet section A to D

Amanda Liddle

Tel:       020 7514 6208

Supplier name within alphabet section E to G

Ashok Karadia

Tel:       020 7514 6039

Supplier name within alphabet section H to K

Lilly Abebe

Tel:       020 7514 8130

Supplier name within alphabet section L to O

Surekha Tripathi

Tel:       020 7514 6036

Supplier name within alphabet section P to T

Serap Tercenio

Tel:       020 7514 6168

Supplier name within alphabet section U to Z

Jo Rice

Tel:       020 7514 6034

1.3.2.     Account Update - change requests pertaining to any of the following requisites must be formed on official company headed paper:

a.  Change of company/trading name
b.  Change of trading address
c.  Change of company/trading bank details

Requests should be posted to the address listed in 1.2.1 above, or sent by email to:

1.3.3.     Procserve eMarketplace/Procurement enquiries should be directed to:

David Hayward - eMarketplace

Tel:       020 7514 8021

Hugh McKenzie - Procurement

Tel:       020 7514 2245

2.    Invoice and credit note processing:

2.1.    Please note, to prevent undue delay, all invoices and credit notes sent to the Accounts Payable team must quote:

2.1.1.  A valid university purchase order number;

2.1.2.  The purchaser’s name/contact details; and

2.1.3.  The college/department to which the invoice relates.

2.2.  Suppliers are also required to note:

2.2.1.  Delivery of goods and/or services to the University should only be carried out upon receipt of a valid university purchase order;

2.2.2.  Failure to comply with the instructions listed under clause 2.1 may result in the invoice not being paid or payment deferred until the University can validate the invoiced transaction; and

2.2.3.  In the absence of a valid purchase order, the University will not be liable for additional charges levied as a result of late payment legislation. 

3.   Invoice payment:

The BACS method of facilitating supplier invoice payments offers the advantages of simplicity, security and reliability and for these reasons the vast majority of our suppliers are paid via this means.

If your invoices are currently paid by cheque we would encourage you to submit your bank details to facilitate payment by BACS, rather than by cheque.

If you would like to receive payments by BACS, please contact your respective university purchase ledger representative (as in section 1.3.1 above).

Please also let us know your accounts e-mail address at the same time so we can forward remittance advices.

 4.   Order processing:

If our orders to you are sent to the wrong e-mail address and if you have an alternative which is more appropriate, could you please e-mail eMarketplace to arrange.