Validation Advisors’ Guidance

It is through the validation process that the University of the Arts London maintains and enhances the quality of its higher education courses. This process includes scrutiny by academic or professional subject specialists, and by recent graduates of the course. These pages provide advice and guidance that graduates and externals may find useful during the course development process.

In order to secure a high quality of educational and academic experience for students, and to ensure that the standards set at validation are still being met and enhanced and that curricula are up to date and relevant, the University has several related processes:

  • Validation: the development of new courses, new pathways to courses or new modes of study
  • Revalidation: the restructuring or rewriting of existing courses including any major change that requires a staged development with input from external and internal peers
  • Review: existing courses where no major changes are proposed
  • Major changes: to make structural changes to an existing course that is not due for Review, without altering the fundamental nature of the course

As an academic or professional subject specialist, an External Assessor supports the course development process by evaluating the course and its content from the point of view either his/her experience of courses in the subject area at a similar level or of his/her knowledge and experience in the relevant professional or industry sector. Recent graduates also iprovide valuable insights into the student experience of the course, the aspects that were well managed and successful and the elements that would benefit most from changes.



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The University Equality and Diversity Framework 2010-15. This framework includes requirements for validation and review to ensure that diversity informs course curricula and that course content and pedagogy are inclusive.