Activities For Your College

The Partnerships & Liaison team can offer a wide range of activities for your college.


We can deliver presentations to both students and academic staff around the following areas:

  • General HE advice
  • Selecting a course
  • Selecting a university
  • Finance – the facts
  • University life
  • The UAL structure 
  • Our courses

Subject workshops

If your students are particularly enthused about a specific subject area, a specialist lecturer can visit your institution or deliver a workshop at UAL to provide information and guidance on the course content, portfolio preparation and career opportunities.

Portfolio advice sessions

Our expert staff can provide portfolio advice presentations and workshops, along with small group portfolio advice sessions to students who have applied to UAL.

In-house events throughout the year

Our partner schools and colleges will be invited into UAL to increase their knowledge about the UAL colleges and subject pathways.

UAL tours

We can arrange small group tours around our 6 colleges.