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'Towards an Inclusive Arts Education' book cover (Design © Chrissa Amuah 2014)
Image © Chrissa Amuah, 2014

With a stress placed on qualitative research, there is a new and exciting vision for diversity and inclusion, including numerous possibilities emerging for arts research and practice.

Working with Southampton and Cambridge Universities, and across international research settings, new publications will be announced in 2015 on topics including: researching hard to reach groups and using interchangeable research methods in social sciences research and arts research.

RAS and its associated research has pioneered cross disciplinary research and intercultural understandings of the contexts of transformative arts education within the field of inclusive arts research through various publications.

RAS Project Evaluative Report 2013

The RAS Project Evaluative Report 2013 outlined the findings of the fifteen RAS research studies and suggested recommendations in terms of issues around the ‘gap’, matters of culture and creativity, improving knowledge around the arts curriculum and diversity.

The full RAS Project Evaluative Report 2013 and individual RAS reports are available from Dr Kate Hatton

Towards an Inclusive Arts Education, Trentham, IOE Press (2015)

A book 'Towards an Inclusive Arts Education’ disseminates some of the RAS findings and conference related papers.

The book was published by IOE Press 2015 with a book launch event on Friday 20 February 2015.

RAS Researchers are continuing to develop their work to publication for book chapters and journal articles.