Carlisle College

Students at Carlisle College on the Level 3 Extended Diploma were encouraged to treat the work for Unit 8 (Developing an art and design project) as a Final Major Project. The work by the Level 3 students was directed by two overarching project briefs.

The students had the option of working towards an external client brief for Carlisle Council or developing a self written Final Major Project within a chosen specialism.

In both cases the delivery team ensured that in planning the project, external feedback was sought. In the case of the ‘family hostel’ brief for the Council, students were invited to submit art work for the hostel building. A project proposal was written by the students and formative and summative feedback obtained.

Each student was expected to present to the client as part of the external brief. To keep parity between the projects those undertaking their own project had to secure an external ‘client’ feedback.

A number of students worked with BA students at the University of Cumbria for both direct and online feedback via social networking. 

All this formed the basis  of the project’s requirements and planning needs, particularly contributing to assessment criteria 1.1 and 2.3.