Level 3 Extended Diploma Art & Design resources

A range of resources designed and collected to support delivery of our Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art & Design, including sample assignments from our approved Centres, guidance from our Chief Examiner and student work in the galleries to the left.

Advice from our Chief Examiner

Assignment and assessment templates

Examples of delivery approaches

The following sheets were developed by Carlisle College and successfully used with both Level 2 and Level 3 students.
Analysis of single image (Word 41KB) is about analysing a single piece of work in any media. The student ticks only the formal elements they recognise in a work and then they discuss that element in detail on the next line.
Comparison sheet (Word 49KB) is about comparing and contrasting two pieces. It is important to allow students who can write well to use their own methods or not use the sheets at all if they don’t want to – as long as their analysis is critical and engaged with the subject.

These sheets can be used regularly at Level 2 or Level 3 – probably starting with visual analysis and then as learners become more confident with the language to use the writing boxes. 

Staff from South Essex College have digitally showcased work from their Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design delivery, Fashion Pathway