Information For Existing Centres

Administration information for UAL Awarding Body qualifications.

Registration & certification

Once your institution has been approved to deliver our qualifications, the administrative contact named in the centre approval paperwork will receive an electronic pack of administrative guidance to assist with registering students, claiming certificates and other related processes.

The UAL Awarding Body Operations Team is ready to receive student registrations for the 2014-15 academic year. Guidance and support can be found below. Please submit registrations by the relevant Awarding Body deadlines to aid us with planning for external moderation and certification periods.

Friday 24 October 2014 is the final deadline for full-time diploma qualifications.

If you work in the Exams team and haven’t received this information or will have any difficulty meeting this deadline, email Claire Clark as soon as possible, as late fees will be charged. For more information please see the Fees and Charges PDF below:‌

Registrations for our Short Courses in Drawing, Photography, Printmaking and Animation can also be submitted for the 24 October deadline, but if you need more time, you can submit registrations for these qualifications up to 6 weeks prior to the external moderation visit date.


We use a simple online system, named Quartz, for capturing registration and certification information. Free, face-to-face training is available on request for administrative staff offering our qualifications.

Quartz is password protected and passwords will be allocated to staff following centre approval.

The QCF recognises achievement through the award of credits for unit and qualifications. On the QCF each learner must have a Unique Learner Number (ULN). The ULN is a national identifier, which a learner will keep for the rest of their lifetime. It is provided by the MIAP Learner Registration Service (LRS) and is used to create a Personal Learner Record (PLR) for each learner. The PLR gives access to a single record of a learner's achievements. in a user-friendly format which breaks down the credits, units and qualifications for learners and their prospective employers.

UAL Awarding Body uses Unique Learner Numbers (ULN’s) as unique identifiers, we do not issue additional student registration numbers, and we update achievement to the Personal Learning Record (PLR) on a monthly basis.

UAL Awarding Body qualifications are all on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), a framework that recognises achievement through the award of credits for units and qualifications.

On the QCF each student must have a ULN, a national identifier, which an individual will keep for the rest of his or her lifetime. It is provided by MIAP’s Learning Records Service (LRS) and is used to create a ‘PLR’ for each student, a single record of achievements in a user-friendly format which breaks down the credits, units and qualifications for individuals and their prospective employers.

Internal verification


UAL Awarding Body invoicing policy

The University undertakes to raise all invoices for fees and charges promptly, and to ensure that sufficient information is made available with all invoices to enable the customer to verify it for payment.

All invoices will be raised on the University’s Management Information System and shall comply with the University’s Standing Financial Orders and Financial Procedures for Income.

The University requires all invoices to be settled upon receipt and all outstanding amounts will be referred to our Credit Control team after 30 days. These terms of business shall be clearly stated in all correspondence. The University currently maintains an electronic record of all transactions for 10 years.

In addition, we require all relevant departments to retain original supporting documentation for the same period.