Customer service commitment

Work by Emily Osborn, Diploma in Art & Design - Foundation Studies, UCA Farnham
Work by Emily Osborn, Diploma in Art & Design - Foundation Studies, UCA Farnham

Here at UAL Awarding Body, we aim to give exceptional and efficient customer service that exceeds the expectations of those we work with. Our approach to customer service makes us different - we are personal, flexible and responsive.

We believe the level of satisfaction with the services we provide reflects our commitment to those we work with, and we regularly ask for feedback from our customers and stakeholders to ensure we are giving people what they want and need.

Our customers and stakeholders are at the core of what we do, and by working together we can make a positive impact on pre-university education in the arts, design and creative industries sector.

You can find out more about our customer service commitment below:


To communicate effectively we will:

  • Be easy to contact during our office opening hours, which are 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Publish phone numbers and email addresses for all employees (please see our contact us section)
  • Provide information in plain English, by using everyday language and avoiding jargon and acronyms
  • Provide our publications and assessment materials in alternative and accessible formats, where appropriate and on request. UAL Awarding Body publications and assessment materials are produced in English.


We aim to make all of our processes, from registration to certification, as easy as possible. To aid this, we will:

  • Acknowledge or respond to any phone message, email or letter within two working days of receipt
  • Send you our publications on request (within 10 working days)
  • Confirm approval for any qualifications or units you want to deliver within 20 working days of receiving the completed forms
  • Allow you to choose an external moderation date that suits you and your students
  • Send your certificates within 10 working days of receiving your results, together with the signed grade confirmation and external moderation report form.

Support and information

To help you to deliver UAL Awarding Body qualifications effectively, we will:

  • Publish our fees for the forthcoming year as early as possible
  • Send you a monthly newsletter and regular email updates
  • Provide an informative and accessible website where you can download all our publications free of charge
  • Provide a range of free training and networking events for staff throughout the year
  • Provide comprehensive support and guidance on our processes from approval to certification
  • Provide an advisory visit, prior to an approval application being submitted or throughout the academic year, on request
  • Allocate an external moderator for each qualification, who will visit at least once a year to sample candidate portfolios and provide a formal report.


We want to provide centres and students with the best experience possible. We are always happy to receive feedback regarding UAL Awarding Body qualifications and the services we provide. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys every year, but we also encourage centres to get in touch at any point if they have comments. Please contact Claire Clark via email or telephone 0207 514 9855.

If you write or email to complain, we will acknowledge this within one working day to provide you with contact details for the person handling your complaint. Once we have looked into the problem, we will let you know what went wrong and how we intend to resolve it within 20 working days.

After we have sent you a response, we will contact you again to make sure that you are happy with the way we handled your complaint. 

The UAL Awarding Body Policies and procedures handbook V7.0 (PDF 922 KB) contains our appeals policy, which covers enquiries about results, assessment and approval decisions.

Service Level Agreements

We endeavour to work to the deadlines below:

  • Approval forms - processed within 20 working days
  • Electronic registrations - processed within 10 working days
  • Confirmation of registrations received - issued within 10 working days
  • External moderator reports - submitted within 10 working days of the visit
  • Certificates - issued within 10 working days of receipt of signed grade confirmation and results sheets.


Complaints are concerns about the service provided by UAL Awarding Body or one of our approved centres.

An appeal is a concern about the assessment decision given by UAL Awarding Body or one of our approved centres, that affects a candidate. Centres are expected to have complaints and appeals procedures. If candidates have a complaint or an appeal, they must follow their centre's procedure in the first instance. UAL Awarding Body will require details of the outcomes of these processes when investigating a complaint or an appeal.

If a complaint or appeal is not resolved by UAL Awarding Body, Ofqual, the regulator for qualifications in the United Kingdom can be contacted, visit

In order to process a complaint, we will require:

  • A description of the problem (including when it happened)
  • A contact name
  • Unique Candidate Number (ULN) if relevant
  • The qualification title
  • The name and address of the centre.

All complaints are handled sensitively, confidentially, logged and monitored.

*Office opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year).

Candidate registration and other fees

UAL Awarding Body reviews and publishes all fees, including candidate registration fees, on an annual basis. In addition to publishing clear and transparent fees and charges on our website, we provide our approved centres with a schedule of fees in January each year.

UAL Awarding Body works hard to ensure that our qualifications are accessible to all, regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, or disability. This includes qualifications, the standards for recognising providers of those qualifications, and the assessment methods.


We are a member of the Institute of Customer Service